Shahryar Rahnamayan

Dr. Shahryar Rahnamayan

BSc, MSc, PhD (Waterloo), PEng, SMIEEE

Department Chair and Associate Professor

Director of Nature Inspired Computational Intelligence (NICI) Lab

Teaching Experience

Associate Professor - UOIT (Sept. 2008 - present)

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, UOIT, Oshawa, Canada, developed and taught the following courses.

  • Intro. to Artificial Intelligence, two times
  • Data Structures, three times
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms, two times
  • C++ Programming for Engineers, three times
  • Software Design II, two times
  • Engineering Design, one time
  • Computer and Software Security, two times
  • Software Engineering Systems Design I, three times
  • Software Engineering Systems Design II, three times
  • Advanced Optimization (Graduate), two times
  • Soft Computing (Graduate), one time
  • Coordinating Graduate seminars, one time